Bear hat crochet pattern

Bear hat crochet pattern

Free Bear hat crochet pattern

In this article, I will share with you a cute Bear hat crochet pattern, now let’s get started

Materials and Abbreviations:

-Polyester yarn

-5.00mm crochet hook

-ch: chain

-sc: single crochet

-dec: sc 2 stitches together

-inc: 2 sc in indicated stitch




Use the Brown yarn to make a MAGIC RING.

R1. 6sc [6]

R2. 6inc [12]

R3. (sc, inc)*6 [18]

R4. (2sc, inc)*6 [24]

R5. (3sc, inc)*6 [30]

R6. (4sc, inc)*6 [36]

R7. (5sc, inc)*6 [42]

R8. (6sc, inc)*6 [48]

R9. (7sc, inc) 6 [54]

R10. (8sc, inc)* 6 [60]

R11. (9sc, inc)* 6 [66]

R12. (10sc, inc) * 6 [72]

R13-16. [4rnds] 72sc [72]

R17. (10sc, dec) * 6 [66]

R18. 66sc [66]

Do not cut the yarn. Continue to make B.


R19. 10sc [10]

R20. ch, turn, dec, 6sc, dec [8]

R21. ch, turn, 8sc [8]

R22. ch, turn, 6sc, dec [7]

R23-24. [2rnds] ch, turn, 7sc [7]

R25. ch, turn, 5sc, dec [6]

R26. ch, turn, 6sc [6]

R27. ch, turn, 4sc, dec [5]

R28. ch, turn, 5sc [5]

R29. ch, turn, 3sc, dec [4]

R30~31. [2rnds] ch, turn, 4sc [4]

Fasten off, and weave in the yarn end.

After completing the hat, sew the button on the B.



R1. 10sc [10]

R2. ch, turn, dec, 6sc, dec [8]

R3. ch, turn, 8sc [8]

R4. ch, turn, 6sc, dec [7]

R5~6.[2rnds] ch, turn, 7sc [7]

R7. ch, turn, 5sc, dec [6]

R8. ch, turn, 6sc [6]

R9. ch, turn, 4sc, dec [5]

R10. ch, turn, 5sc [5]

R11. ch, turn, 3sc, dec [4]

R12~15.[4rnds] ch, turn, 4sc [4]

R16. ch, turn, sc, 2ch, 2skip, sc [4]

R17-18.[2rnds] ch, turn, 4sc [4]

Fasten off, and weave in the yarn end.


Use the Pink yarn to make a MAGIC RING.

R1. 6sc [6]

R2. ch, turn, 2sc, 2inc, 2sc [8]

R3. < Change to Brown > ch, turn, 8sc [8]

Fasten off, Leaving a long tail for sewing. Sew ears onto the hat.

So we are done. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. The Bear hat crochet pattern I collected is from @Bigbebez. Hopefully the author will share more cute crochet patterns. Wishing everyone a productive and relaxing day.

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