Preserving wool products

Surely all of us have owned a product made from wool, today we will talk about the preserving wool products.
First, wool products made from goat hair should be dry cleaned. If washed in water, the shirt will shrink from an adult size to a baby shirt without any way of recovery.
As for regular wool, when buying a sweater or woolen yarn, remember to pay attention to the label, which says water or dry cleaning.
Here is a list of bullet points for our attention:

preserving wool products
Preserving wool products

1. Laundry

Wool clothes often stretch and fray, to avoid these conditions, you should hand wash. Do not machine wash, use warm water (no more than 30 degrees Celsius) to wash.

– Put woolen clothes in a bowl of warm water, add a few drops of shampoo, rub gently, avoid rubbing.

– In the final washing water, add a little vinegar. This helps keep the wool’s shape, elasticity and bright color. At the same time, this method can neutralize the residual alkali in the soap.

– If you want your woolen to have a fresh and long-lasting color. You soak in cold tea for about 15 minutes, gently rub a few times and then rinse with clean water.

Alternatively, to remove grease stains from a sweater, apply a few drops of Benzine to the stain and place the stain face down on a clean cloth. Scrub with a soft brush, the stain will penetrate the fabric and disappear on the woolen garment. As for stains such as mud, take a soft cloth or cotton ball dipped in cold water mixed with vinegar to gently wipe the stain.

2. Exposure

– After washing, the sweater is gently wrung out and rolled up like a towel. Then continue to gently press to let the water flow out.

– Spread woolen clothes on a clean flat surface or put them in a mesh bag. Then dry in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

3. Stores

– For woolen clothes, absolutely do not hang the coat hanger, it will cause the wool to melt. You should fold it in half and store it in the closet

– Between layers of clothing, folded napkins and napkins will absorb moisture and dirt from clinging to wool

– In addition, woolen clothes should not be ironed

4. Stretch sweater treatment

– Although the sweater is washed thoroughly, it is often worn and loose, affecting the beauty of the shirt for a long time. To return the shirt to its original shape, soak it in water between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius.

– If the sleeve or hem has lost its elasticity, soak the area separately in water between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. About an hour or two later, hang the shirt to dry and the sweater will return. Original shape. new. .

5. Refreshing sweaters

– To refresh woolen clothes, you can not use ordinary bleach, but prepare a solution including: 5 liters of water, 250 grams of soap, 15 grams of ammonia, 15 grams of pine essential oil.

– Put soap in boiling water, when the soap is dissolved, put it down, add ammonia, turpentine and stir well. Wait for it to cool, soak the wool for about 5 minutes, rub it gently without rubbing, do it again and again, and then rinse it with clean water.

This method will make woolen clothes shine like new without damaging the wool fiber material.

6. Get rid of the shine

– Sweaters wear for a long time, rub a lot, so the fabric is often frayed. Want the frayed stain to disappear, should mix water with vinegar in the ratio 1/1, spray on the frayed area. Then take the shirt to wash, the wool will recover to the original.
Wool clothes will shrink after the first wash, but if worn for a long time, they will stretch and lose shape. Therefore, when washing or drying your sweater, you must be very careful.

Some special notes with sweaters:
– The elbows of sweaters and velvet shirts are often frayed and torn first. Before wearing, sew a piece of old nylon inside. You’ll see your shirt last longer without affecting its shape.

Use a children’s toothbrush with thin, soft bristles to easily remove lint or dandruff from your sweater.

Use a pumice stone to remove ruffles from the sweater.

To keep your sweater free of cockroaches or insects, store it in a drawer lined with commercially available lavender scented paper or a natural termite-proof bag.

– Put the shirt in a zip-lock plastic bag, then put it in the freezer for 3-4 hours before wearing. This will keep your sweater from shrinking as well as kill any termites that might be clinging to the wool.

Using a spray bottle to spray a little vodka on the sweater will help you kill bacteria as well as remove unwanted scents on the sweater. Vodka will not leave a characteristic odor on your shirt.
These are my notes on the preserving wool products, I hope that after reading this article, you can use your products for a longer time, good luck!
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