Bunny candy crochet pattern

bunny candy crochet pattern

Free bunny Candy crochet pattern

I love candy, my kids love it too, so lucky that I have collected this bunny candy crochet pattern, I will give it to my little ones, glad I can share it with you today.

Stand 15ch, pull head to tail into a circle

R1: stand 3ch. No addition or subtraction hook 15dc change line

R2: 15dc change

Line R3-7: No addition or subtraction of 15dc

Change wire R8: 15dc

Change line R9: 15dc

Tie the two ends of the candy with the darkest candy thread

Down, filled with cotton


R1: 6ch. pour 2, 4sc. 3sc in the same stitch. 3sc. inc

R2: inc. 3sc. 3inc. 3sc. 2inc

R3: 2sl st. 4ch. Pour 2. 2hdc. 3sl st

4ch. Pour 2. 2hdc. sl st.

candy crochet pattern
Free Candy crochet pattern

So our crochet pattern is done, I hope you will like it when finished, cute candies made by cute people. #Bunny candy crochet pattern.

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  1. Thank you so much for these gifts to crochet! I feel like it’s X-mas and I am opening g presents!!! Again thank you for being so thoughtful. I soo appreciate it! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

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