Christmas Bell crochet pattern

christmas bell crochet pattern

Free Christmas bell crochet pattern

Today we will decorate our Christmas tree with this christmas bell crochet pattern. I like this crochet pattern because it is very simple, quick to make and the bell is very beautiful


The yarn used for the pattern is Rainbow cotton 8/4:

– Yellow

– Red

Miniature decorative bell

Stitch markers


Hook number 2.5


mr – magic ring

slst – slip stitch ch-chain

sc-single crochet in US (double crochet in UK)


Use yellow color yarn.

End every row with ‘slst, ch1’ into the 1st sc of every row.

You start the new row in the same sc.

1. 6sc in mr (6)

2. inc x 6 (12)

3. ‘1sc, inc’ x 6 (18)

4. ‘2sc, inc’ x 6 (24)

5. ‘3sc, inc’ x 6 (30)

6. ‘4sc, inc’ x 6 (36)

7-17. sc around (36)

18. ‘5sc, inc’ x 6 (42)

19. ‘6sc, inc’ x 6 (48)

20. ‘7sc, inc’ x 6 (54)

21. ‘8sc, inc’ x 6 (60)

22. ‘9sc, inc’ x 6 (66)

Fasten off, weave in the yarn.


Use red color yarn or color of choice.


1. ch41, turn, starting from the 2nd chain from the hook, 40sc (40)

2-4. ch1, turn, 40sc (40)

Sew the ends together.


1. ch9, turn, starting from the 2nd chain from the hook, 8sc (8)

2-4. ch1, turn, 8sc (8)

Fasten off, weave in the ends.


1. ch17, turn, starting from the 2nd chain from thehook, 16sc (16)

2. ch1, turn, inc, 14sc, inc (18)

3. ch1, turn, inc, 16sc, inc (20)

4. ch1, turn, inc, 18sc, inc (22)

5. ch1, turn, inc, 20sc, inc (24)

Fasten off, weave in the ends.

Place the body piece over the tail, using a string pinch them together in the middle and tighten with a knot. Place the center piece over them and sew the edges together, keeping the body and tails inside.


Use yellow color yarn.

1. ch30, fasten off, leaving long tail before and after the chain.


Sew the bow on top of the bell.

Sew the miniature bell on the inside of the crochet bell with yellow color yarn string.

Sew the string on top of the bell, making a big loop.

Use the string to place the bell on your Christmas tree as decoration.

So we’re done. Wishing you success with this christmas Bell crochet pattern. Don’t forget to visit my website often to receive free crochet patterns.

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