Espeon amigurumi crochet pattern

Espeon amigurumi crochet pattern

Free Espeon amigurumi crochet pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you the Espeon amigurumi crochet pattern. I hope everyone will enjoy this crochet pattern. This crochet pattern I collected from @jm_adorableplushies.

This pattern is a modification of @shine.crafts free Pika pattern. Please refer to her pattern (on her ig) for the head and body. You will need to know the picot st (tutorial reel available)


MR – magic ring

R – row/round

st – stitch

sc – single crochet

inc – increase

dec – invisible decrease

sl st – slip stitch

ch – chain

ch2picot – chain 2 picot stitch

F/O – finish off

(….)x# – repeat (…) # times

<…> – crochet everything in <…> in the same st

[..] – number of stitches in round


– Yarn in lavender, sunrise, & country blue (Sweet Snuggles from Michaels*)

– Safety eyes (20mm*)

– Stuffing

– Crochet hook (9mm*)

– Yarn needle

*These are the items I used, but feel free to use what you prefer!


Work in continuous rounds (do not sl st after each round). Use a stitch marker to mark the start of each round.

Pattern is written in US crochet terms



Make the head in lavender.* Attach safety eyes and stuff.



Make the body in lavender.*

Stuff body. Sew head onto body.

-> Tip: Use the ladder stitch to attach the head (between R11-12) to the last round (R7) of the body.


Ears (make 2)

R1: 4sc in MR

R2: (sc, inc)x2 [6]

R3: 2sc, <sc, sc>, 2sc, inc [8]

R4: 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc [10]

R5: 3sc, inc, sc, 3sc, inc, sc [12]

R6: 3sc, inc, sc, inc, 3sc, inc, sc, inc [16]

R7-8: 3sc, 5sc, 8sc [16] 2 rounds

R9: 3sc, 2sc, inc, 2sc, 5sc, inc, 2sc [18]

R10-11: 3sc, 6sc, 9sc [18] 2 rounds

F/O, do not stuff, leave a tail for sewing.

Sew into R3-7 of the head in a curved shape.

Forehead Dot (in sunrise)

R1: 6sc in MR

F/O with slst into the first st

Sew into R5-6 of the head.


Side face fur (in lavender) – make 2

R1: 3sc in MR

R2: inc around [6]

R3: (sc, inc)x3 [9]

R4: (sc, dec)x3 [6]

R5-6: sc around [6] 2 rounds

sl st into first st

Insert hook into the second st and out the third st, sc, ch2picot, sl st back into the third st to F/O, leave a tail for sewing.

Sew into R8 of the head, right below the ears.

Tail (in lavender)


R0: ch 19

R1: sl st down the ch starting in 2nd ch from hook [18] F/O, leave a tail.


R0: ch 7

R1: sl st down the ch starting in 2nd ch from hook [6] F/O, leave a tail.

Sew the split onto the main (about 6-7 st from the tip of the tail).

Sew the tail into R3-5 of the body.

Wishing you good luck with Espeon amigurumi crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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