Gnome free pattern

gnome free pattern

Free Gnome free pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you the Gnome free pattern. I hope everyone will enjoy this crochet pattern. This crochet pattern I collected from @crochet…girl.

Key Materials

-Yarn color A (skin color–>for hands and nose)

-Yarn color B (beard)

-Yarn color C (hat)

-Yarn color D (clothes/body)

– Optional: {Yarn color E (for strips on clothes)}

– Crochet hook that is suitable for the yarn you chose

– Stuffings


-mr–>magic ring

-sc–>single crochet


-BLO–>Back Loop Only

-[#]–>total number of stitches in that row

**Example: #(2sc, linc) –>repeat (2sc, line) #times**



1. -Yarn D-6sc in mr

2. 6inc [12]

3. 6(1sc, 1inc) [18]

4. 6(2sc, 1inc) [24]

5. 6(3sc, 1inc) [30]

6. BLO 30sc

7. -Yarn E-6(3sc, 1dec) [24]

8. -Yarn A- 6(2sc, 1dec) [18]

9. -Yarn D-18sc

10. 18sc

11. -Brown- 18sc

12. -Green-6(1sc, 1dec) [12]

13. 12sc


Arm(make 2)

1. -Yarn A- 5sc in mr

2. 5sc

3. -Yarn D- 5sc

4-5. 5sc

6. 3sc

-Leave a long yarn for sewing-



1. -Yarn B- 4 sc in mr

2. 2(1sc, 1inc) [6]

3. 6sc

4. 6inc [12]

S. 6(1sc, 1inc) [18]

6. 18sc

-Leave a long yarn for sewing-



1. -Yarn B- 4 sc in mr

2. 201sc, 1inc) [6]

3. 6sc

4. 6inc [12]

5. 6(1sc, 1inc) [18]

6. 18sc

-Leave a long yarn for sewing-



1. 6sc in mr

2. 3(sc, 1inc) [9]

3. 9sc

4. 3(2sc, 1inc) [12]

5. 12 sc

6. 4(2sc, 1inc) [16]

7. 16sc

8. 8(sc, 1inc) [24]

9-11. 24 sc

-Leave a looong yarn for sewing-



1. Connect the beard and the nose with the yarn left (place the nose at the top middle of the beard)

2. Sew them (1) on to the top middle of the body

3. Sew on the arms to both sides of the body

4. Place the hat around the body, and slightly above the nose (It’s gonna be tight!!) and angle the hat towards the back

5. Sew it on

6. DONE!!!

Wishing you good luck with Gnome free pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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