Pocket Opossum free pattern

Pocket Opossum free pattern

Free pocket Opossum crochet pattern

Hello everyone, today I will share with everyone the pocket Opossum free pattern, this crochet pattern I collected from @jm_adorableplushies


MR – magic ring

R – round

ch – chain

st – stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

inc – increase

bbl – bobble stitch with 5 unfinished DC (6 total loops on hook)

dec – invisible decrease

slst- slip stitch

F/O – finish off with SLST into first ST

(….)x# – repeat (…) # times

[..] – number of stitches in round


– Yarn in black, grey, cream, apricot (Sweet Snuggles from Michaels*)

– Safety eyes (18mm*)

– Stuffing

– Crochet hook (9mm*)

– Yarn needle

*These are the items I used, but feel free to use what you prefer!


Work in continuous rounds (do not slst after each round).

Use a stitch marker to mark the start of each round.

Final plushie may vary based on tension, hook size, yarn type. Play around until you find what works for you!Pattern is written in US crochet terms


Head + body

Start with apricot

R1: 6sc in mr [6]

Change color to cream

R2: (2sc, inc)x2 [8]

R3: (sc, inc)x4 [12]

R4: (3sc, inc)x3 [15]

R5: (4sc, inc)x3 [18]

R6: sc around [18]

*all bbl in apricot*

Change color to grey

R7: 16sc, bbl, sc [18]

R8: 2sc, bbl, 15sc [18]

R9: sc around [18]

R10: (5sc, inc)x3 [21]

Secure safety eyes between r4-5, 7st apart. Make sure bbl (feet) are on the bottom!

R11: 195c, bbl, sc [21]

R12: 3sc, bbl, 17sc [21]

R13: sc around [21]

Start stuffing

R14: (sc, dec)x7 [14]

R15: (sc, dec)x4, dec [9]

R16: decx4, sc [5]

Finish stuffing and F/O


Ears (black)

Insert hook into r7 of the body between cream and grey, 5 st between ears.

Pull up a loop, ch 1 and pull tight.

Ch 2, 2 dc into the same st on the body, ch 2, slst into same st on the body to F/O.

Repeat with second ear.


Tail (apricot)

Insert hook into the body between r15–16.

Pull up a loop, ch 1 and pull tight. Ch 9, slst down the ch starting in 2nd ch from hook, insert hook back into the st on the body and slst to F/O

Wishing you good luck with pocket Opossum free pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website ngoclanhandmade.com and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet


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