Sushi crochet pattern

Sushi crochet pattern

Free Sushi crochet pattern

Today I will share with you a Japanese Sushi crochet pattern. It looks very appetizing. You can make this dish to decorate your food collection to make it more lively. This is a crochet pattern I collected from @mania_free_patterns. Now let’s get started.


Rnd (R) – round

st – stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)

(..) – repeat the instructions in brackets the given numbers of times


Rnd1. 6sc into Magic ring (6)

Rnd2. 2sc in each st around (12)

Rnd3. (sc, inc) rep x6 (18)

Rnd4. (2sc, inc) rep x6 (24)

Rnd5. (3sc, inc) rep x6 (30)

Rnd6. (4sc, inc) rep x6 (36)

**Add your safety eyes and face now**

Fold in half and se through both creating crescent shape. Remember to add filling!

When you reach end, turn work and repeat as follows (3dc, sc) repeat till end. Weave tail

If you have any questions about this crochet pattern, you can leave a comment to let me know. Wishing you good luck with Sushi crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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