Baby Grinch crochet pattern

Baby Grinch crochet pattern

Free Baby Grinch crochet pattern

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the Baby Grinch crochet pattern. I collected this crochet pattern from @lanalunacl.


– Green Velvet or similar (I used dolce of yarnart)

– For the scarf: medium weight acrylic yarn or cotton, red and white.

– Crochet hooks 5.0mm and 3.0mm (or whatever suits you)

– Safety eyes 14mm

– Darker green felt (different from the body)

– Yarn needle

– Scissors

– Filling


sc: single crochet

sl st: Slip stitch

hdc: Half double crochet

ch: Chain

inc: Increase

dec: Decrease

*: Repeat around

FLO: Front loop only

BLO: Back loop only


Head and body

1. 6sc into magic ring

2. inc in each st (12)

3. 1sc, inc* (18)

4. 2sc, inc✶ (24)

5-6. sc in each st (24)

7. 4sc, 3inc of hdc, 6sc, 3inc of hdc, 8sc (30)

8. sc in each st (30)

9. 4sc, 3dec, 6sc, 3dec, 8sc (24)

10. 2sc, dec * (18)

Eyes between rounds 6 and 7 with 3 stitches of visible separation.

11. 1sc, dec* (12)

Fill and continue with the body

12. in FLO 1sc, inc * (18)

13-14. sc in each st (18)

15. 2sc, inc* (24)

16. 3sc, inc* (30)

17. sc in each st (30)

18. 3sc, dec * (24)

19. dec x12 (12)

20. dec x6 (6) Fill and close with needle.

Arms x2

1. 6sc into magic ring

2-5. sc in each st (6)

Don’t fill.

Leave long tail to sew.


Legs x2

1. 6sc into magic ring

2. Inc in each st (12)

3. in BLO sc in each st (12)

4. 1sc, dec* (8)

Fill lightly.

Leave long tail to sew.

5 chain, From the second ch from the hook make 4 sl st, you already have a strand, there are 3 so repeat two more times (5 ch + 4 sl st) when you have the 3, leave a long tail to sew.
Face details
With felt of a different green than the Grinch’s body, cut out three oval shapes, 2 eyebrows and a nose.
You can sew them or glue them with silicone.

– Hair sewn right into the magic ring on the head.
– Eyebrows glued diagonally above the eyes.
– With black yarn embroider details of the mouth.
If you have any doubts, watch the video I left on my profile. It is in Spanish but you can see the details.

Wishing you good luck with Baby Grinch crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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