Haku Dragon crochet pattern

Haku dragon crochet pattern

Free Haku Dragon crochet pattern

This is a FREE template, developed by Mylnem Nascimento. When you share this Haku Dragon crochet pattern, tag @myll.toyart and send the link to our ngoclanhandmade.com article. I hope you like it because it was made with great care for you!

Materials used:

– Amigurumis lines in colors:



8008- Predeira

3148-Macadamia 1317-Solar

– La silk 5556-Tiffany

– Wire for body structure

– Filling

– Tapestry needles

Velcro scissors or something to fray the wool

Eyes with lock size 7mm


MR: magic ring

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec – decrease (2 sc together)

sl st – slip stitch

Made with amigurumi stitch X yarn, it will measure approximately 28cm

Keep in mind that if you don’t have the same materials I used, use what you have on hand


Head and Body

Start with white

1.MR 6sc

2. 6inc x6 (12)

3-4. sc (2 rows)

Now we will do a row of color changes with the preferred color

5-7. 3 sc in white, 6 sc in gray, 3 sc in white (12) change to white

8. 3sc, 6 inc, 3sc (18)

9. sc

10. 6sc, 6 inc, 6sc (24)

11-14. sc (4 rows)

15. 6sc, 6 dec, 6sc (18)

16-63. sc (47 rows)

64. 4sc, dec x3 (15)

65. 7sc, dec x2 (16)

66-67. sc (2 rows)

68. 6 sc, dec x2 (14)

69-71. sc (3 rows)

72. 5sc, dec x 2 (12)

73. sc

add the filling as you weave

74. 4sc, dec x2 (10)

75. sc

76. 3sc, dec x2 (8)

77-81. sc (5 rows)

82. 2sc, dec x2 (6)

83. sc

Closes with inverted magic ring

If you choose to place the wire in the body structure, I recommend that after making the head decreases on row 15, you already place the wire.

Place the eyes between rows 10 and 11, 9 stitches apart


With the predeira we will work round trips.

1. 7 ch, from the second chain make 6 sc, go up 1 ch and turn

2-39. 6 sc (38 rows)

40. Skip the first stitch and make 3 sc, skip 1 more stitch and make 1 sc (4)

41-42. 4 sc

43. Skip the first stitch and do 3 sc

44-49. 3 sc

50. sc, skip middle stitch, sc (2)

51-52. 2 sc

Go up a chain at the end and around the entire belly with single crochets.

Front paw x2

Start with Macadamia color

1. MR 8sc

2-5. sc (4 rows)

Change to white color

6-10. sc (5 rows) fold in half and close with 4 sc Leave thread for sewing.


Hind paws x2

Start with Macadamia color

1. MR 8sc

2-5. sc (4 rows)

Change to white

6. sc, inc x4 (12)

7. sc

8. 3inc, 9 sc (15)

9. sc

10. 3 dec, 9 sc (12)

11. 2 dec, 8 sc (10)

Fold in half and make 4 sc closing Leave thread for sewing

Horns x2

With solar color

1. MR 4sc

2. inc, 3sc (5)

3. inc, 4sc (6)

4. inc, 5sc (7)

5-7. sc

Fasten off and leave sewing thread.


Ears X2

With white color

1. MR 4sc

2. inc, 3sc (5)

3. inc, 3sc, inc (7)

4. inc, 5sc, inc (9)

5. sc

Finish off, leave thread for sewing


Use la tiffany

For the tail: I cut strands of approximately 16 cm

And I placed it on the sides of the syrup, as shown in the image to the side.

For the hair on the back, I also cut 16 cm strands, I started placing them from the haku’s forehead with just 1 and then 2, and increased as shown in the image to the side, I placed 4 strands throughout almost the entire row.

Once ready, I took a piece of velcro and passed it through the wool until I reached the point I wanted, then I cut it to the height I wanted.


To make the mustaches, you can choose to place a wire from one side of the snout to the other and then cover it with white thread or do as I did, passing the thread from one side of Haku’s snout to the other

Embroider the nose with the Quartzo thread starting from row 5 where the color changes happen!

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