Batman crochet pattern

batman crochet pattern

Free Batman crochet pattern

As everyone knows Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. It’s fun today when we create a handmade version of Batman together. Join me in making this Batman crochet pattern.


Rnd = round

mr = magic ring

ch = chain

st = stitch

sc = single crochet

inc = increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec = decrease (2 sc together)

sl st = slip stich

hdc = half double crochet

blo = back loop only

flo = front loop only

(..) = repeat the instructions in brackets the given numbers of times

[..] = total numbers of stitches


R1: mr 6sc (6)

R2: 6inc (12)

R3: sc, inc (18)

R4: sc, inc, sc (24)

R5: 3sc, inc (30)

R6: 2sc, inc, 2sc (36)

R7: 36sc (36)

R8: 5sc, inc (42)

R9-14: 42sc (42)

R15: 5sc, dec (36)

R16: 2sc, dec, 2sc (30)

R17: 3sc, dec (24)

R18: sc, dec, sc (18)



R1: mr 6sc (6)

R2: sc, inc, sc (8)

change wool color.

R3: 8sc (8)

crop up

hook the 2nd leg, without cutting the wool, up 4ch

R4: 8sc, 4sc, 8sc, 4sc (24)

R5-10: 24sc (24)

R11: sc, dec, sc (18)

R12: 18sc (18)



R1: mr 7sc (7)

R2: 7sc (7)

change wool

R3-5: 7sc (7)



R1: mr 6sc (6)

R2-3: 6sc (6)


– yellow

R1: up 25ch, connecting into a circle.

– black

R2: 25sc (25)

R3-5: 3sc. useful, turn over

R6: 3sc, 1ch.

Sew to the opposite side to create a crotch.



R1: mr 6sc (6)

R2: 6inc (12)

R3: sc, inc (18)

R4: sc, inc, sc (24)

R5: 3sc, inc (30)

R6: 2sc, inc, 2sc (36)

R7: 5sc, inc (42)

R8-11: 42sc (42)

R12: 5sc, dec (36)

R13: 36sc (36)

R14: 24sc, 1ch, turn over (24)

R15: 22sc, dec, 1ch, turn over (23)

R16: dec, 19sc, dec, 1ch, turn over (21)

R17: dec, 17sc, dec, 1ch, turn over (19)

– Hook around the front part of the hat, 4sc, 1slst, 12sc, 1slst, 4sc.

– Eyes and symbols are cut into shapes using felt fabric.



R1: up 16ch, hook from leg 2: 15sc (15)

R2-3: 15sc (15)

R4: dec, 11sc, dec (13)

R5-6: 13sc (13)

R7: dec, 9sc, dec (11)

R8-9: 11sc (11)

R10: dec, 7sc, dec (9)

R11-12: 9sc (9)

– Fart around the shirt with a single stitch.


So we’re done, have you completed it like me? If you have any questions about the Batman crochet pattern, please leave a comment. Wish you success and have a Batman you like.

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