Bird crochet pattern

Bird crochet pattern

Free Bird crochet pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you the Bird crochet pattern. I hope everyone will enjoy this crochet pattern.


MR – magic ring

Rnd (R) – round

ch – chain

st/sts – stitch/stitches

sc – single crochet

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec – decrease (2 sc together)

sl st – slip stitch

(..) – repeat the instructions in brackets the given numbers of times



R1. 6sc

R2. 6inc

R3. (sc, inc)*6

R4-5. 18sc

R6. (sc, inc)*6, 6sc

R7. (2sc, inc)*6, 6sc

R8. 6sc, (sc, inc)*6, 12sc

R9. 36sc

R10. 12sc, 6ch, 6skip, 18sc

R11. 36sc

R12. (4sc, inc)*6

R13. (3sc, dec)*6

R14. (2sc, dec)*6

R15. (sc, dec)*6

R16. 6dec



2ch, reverse 2 sc hooks

It’s a homemade mine accessory.



Middle of body R8,9, start crocheting in the 6th blank stitch

R1. 2sc, dec, sc, dec, 2sc, dec, sc, dec

R2. (3sc, dec)*2

R3. 8sc

R4. (2sc, dec)*2



R1. 2ch reverse 2 hook inc

R2. 1ch, flip over, 2inc

R3. 1ch, flip, 4sc

R4. 1ch, turn over, sc, blank stitch, 2sc

R5. 1ch, turn over, blank stitch, 2sc

R6. 1ch, turned over, 2sc

R7. 1ch, turn over, blank stitch sc

R8. 1ch, turn over, sc

Once crocheted, crochet a short stitch around the piece, crochet a stitch in the middle and add another stitch.

Wishing you good luck with Bird crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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