Christmas dwarf pine Tree crochet pattern

Christmas dwarf pine Tree crochet pattern

Free Christmas dwarf pine Tree crochet pattern

In this article I will share with everyone how to make a dwarf pine tree. People can keep the pine tree at their desk or anywhere. I collected this Christmas dwarf pine Tree crochet pattern from @fi.makes. Things.


MR: magic ring

sl st: slip stitch

sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

ch: chain

inc: increase

dec: decrease

blo: back loop only

flo: front loop only


– 4.5mm crochet hook

– Size 3 or 4 green, yellow & brown yarn

– 2 safety eyes black thread

– Yarn needle

– Assorted pom-pom’s


Instructions: the tree

Green yarn

Rd1: mr (6)

Rd2: sc (6)

Rd3: 6 inc (12)

Rd4: sc (12)

Rd5: (1sc, 1inc) x6 (18)

Rd6: blo sc (18)

Rd7: (2sc, 1inc) x6 (24)

Rd8: sc (24)

Rd9: (3sc, 1inc) x6 (30)

Rd10: blo sc (30)

Rd11: (4sc, 1inc)x6 (36)

Rd12: sc (36)

Rd13: (5sc, 1inc) x6 (42)

Rd14: blo sc (42)

Rd15: (6sc, 1inc)x6 (48)

*insert eyes between Rd15-16 five stitches apart, and sew mouth between Rd16-17

Rd16: sc (48)

Rd17: (7sc, 1inc)x6 (54)

Rd18: blo sc (54)

Rd19: blo(7sc, 1dec) x6 (48)

Rd20: (6sc, 1dec)x6 (42)

Rd21: (5sc, 1dec)x6 (36)

Rd22: (4sc, 1dec)x6 (30)

*switch to brown yarn*

*add stuffing as desired*

Brown yarn

Rd23: flo sc (30)

Rd24: sc (30)

Rd25: (3sc, 1dec) x6 (24)

Rd26: blo (2sc, 1 dec) x6 (18)

Rd27: (sc, 1dec)x6 (12)

Rd28: dec (6)

Cut the yarn and fasten off!


Instructions: the star

Yellow yarn

Rd1: MR (5)

Rd2: 5 inc (10)

Rd3: sl st, (2dc, ch 2, sl st in second chain from hook, 1dc)x5

*note: Rd3 in brackets all takes place in same stitch


1. Sew on the star to the top of the tree.

2. Glue on pom-pom’s as ornaments around the tree as desired.

3. If eyes/mouth aren’t already completed (Rd15-17) place/sew them now.

Wishing you good luck with Christmas dwarf pine Tree crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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