Colorful Pumpkin crochet pattern

colorful pumpkin crochet pattern

Free colorful pumpkin crochet pattern

There are many pumpkin crochet patterns on my website and elsewhere, but today I will share with everyone a colorful pumpkin crochet pattern. Now we will begin

Materials needed:

1. Yarn Art Jeans, 55% cotton, 45% acryl, 50g/160m, next colors: white No 01, black No 53, orange No 85.

2. Crochet hook 2.25 mm (US: B, UK:14).

3. Fiberfill, thick sewing needle, pins.


ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

inc – increase, 2 sc in the next sc

dec – decrease, single crochet 2 stitches together

(16) number of stitches in a round

(inc, sc)*N – repeat N times

BLO – back loop only

1. Body.

With white yarn. For the striped pumpkin change color of yarn every 2 rounds.

Work in turning rows.

Chain 21, start with the 2d loop from the hook.

Rnd 2-36: BLO 20 SC.

Fold the hat so that its edges are placed against each other, forming a ring. Join the edges of the base with a round of 20 sl st, inserting the hook into the back loop of the last row and into the corresponding loop from

foundation chain at once.

Cut off the yarn, leave a long tail for sewing. Pull of the hole, add fiberfill into the detail and pull of second hole.

2. Stem.

With black yarn.

Rnd 1: 6 sc in the MR

Rnd 2: (inc, 1 sc)*3 (9)

Rnd 3: 9 sc

Rnd 4: (dec, 1 sc)*3 (6)

Rnd 5-6: sc in each stitch around 2 rounds.

Don’t stuff. Cut off the yarn, leave a long tail, sew to the top of pumpkin.

So we are done. It will be a great fall décor for your lovely home.. I collected this crochet pattern from @happydolls_pattern. I hope this colorful pumpkin crochet pattern will help you beautify your beloved home during the Halloween season.

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