Tiny pumpkin house crochet pattern

tiny pumpkin house crochet pattern

Free tiny pumpkin house crochet pattern

Today I would like to share with everyone this tiny pumpkin house crochet pattern, hoping everyone will have more choices for their Halloween colors.


YarnArt Jeans:





Orange color:

1.8sc in MR [8]

2.(inc)x8 [16]

3.(1sc, inc)x8 [24]

4.(2sc, inc)x8 [32]

5.BLO sc in all 32 [32]

6.(7sc, inc)x4 [36]

7.(8sc, inc)x4 [40]

8.4sc, inc, (9sc, inc)x3, 5sc [44]

9.(10sc, inc)x4 [48]

10.6sc, inc, (11sc, inc)x3, 5sc [52]

11.-15.sc in all 52 (5 rounds) [52]

16.(11sc, dec)x4 [48]

17.(6sc, dec)x6 [42]

18.(5sc, dec)x6 [36]

19.(4sc, dec)x6 [30]

20.(3sc, dec)x6 [24]

21.(2sc, dec)x6 [18] start stuffing

22.(1sc, dec)x6 [12]

23.(dec)x6 [6] don’t stuff too tightly

Finish with sl st, leave a longer tail as usual. Insert a needle with the tail inside of the last row (23) and pull through every other stitch going down the sphere, ending at the BLO line. Pull by the thread to create a line of a pumpkin. Repeat 5 more times to create pumpkin shape.

Make ch10 x 6 with orange yarn and laniniate the lines of pumpkin we just created with the thread. Secure on both sides of the pumpkin.


1.6sc in MR [6]

2.5sc, inc [7]

3.6sc, inc [8]

4.7sc, inc [9]

5.8sc, inc [10]

6.9sc, inc [11]

7.9sc, (inc)x2 [13]

8.11sc, (inc)x2 [15]

9.(3sc, inc)x5 [20]

10.(4sc, inc)x5 [25]

11.(5sc, inc)x5 [30]

12.(6sc, inc)x5 [35]

13.BLO sc in all 35 [35]

14.(4sc, inc)x7 [42]

15.2sc, inc, (5sc, inc)x6, 3sc [49]

16.HDC in all 49 [49]

Finish with sl st, leave a ling tail for sewing.

Pull the hat tail through BLO line on the hat (row13), and sew on the pumpkin slightly leaning to the side, leaving the opened effect on the hat. You can lightly stuff the hat but the way that you are still able to bend the tip. Embroider windows and the door with black thread. This is the crochet pattern I collected. If you have any problems with this tiny pumpkin house crochet pattern, please leave a comment. Wish you success.

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