Pumpkin crochet pattern

pumpkin crochet pattern

Free Pumpkin crochet pattern

Hello friends, today I would like to send you a crochet pattern that I have collected, a very cute crochet pattern, that is the Pumpkin crochet pattern.

The first is the ingredients to prepare:

– Jeans Lens

– 1.5mm . crochet needle

– Related materials

Hook chart symbols:

MR: magic circle

BLO: front edge nose


Start with brown wool

1. MR6sc

2-7. 6sc

8. 6inc

9. sc-inc*6

10-11. 18sc

Switch to orange wool

12. (sc, 3dc common pin, sc)*6

13. (sc, dc, 3dc shared, dc, sc)*6

14. (sc, 2dc, 3dc shared, 2dc, sc)*6

15. (sc, 3dc, 3dc shared, 3dc, sc)* 6

16-19. (sc, 9dc, sc)*6

20. (sc, 3dc, 3dc pinch to 1 pin, 3dc, sc)*6

21. (sc, 2dc, 3dc pinch to 1 pin, 2dc, sc)*6

22. (sc, dc, 3dc pinch to 1 pin , dc, sc)*6

23. (sc, 3dc pinch to 1 pin, sc)*6

24. 18sc

25. sc-dec*6

26. 6dec


Up 9ch

1. Starting at the base of the 2nd stitch from the bottom of the crochet needle, hook 7sc, 3sc to the base of the last

stitch. Continue crocheting on the other side of the 6sc,

2. 7sc, come back

3. 2ch, sc on 3rd stitch, 6sc, inc, sc, inc, 5sc, back

4. 2ch, sc in 3rd st, 6sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 3sc, back 5. 2ch, sc in 3rd st, 12sc, back

6. 2ch, sc on 3rd stitch, 6sc


Leave a long piece of wool to assemble

This part you have to make sure is long enough to assemble the leaves and make tassels of the same length

I hope this crochet pattern will bring benefits to you, save it and do it, if you have any problems related to this crochet pattern, please contact me via ngoclanhandmade.com@gmail.com.

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