Free a tiny Pine tree crochet pattern

Christmas is almost here, let’s create a great atmosphere for each other with free a tiny Pine tree crochet pattern, let’s do it together.


Knit Me Karnaval yarn (Green and brown in the color tone you choose)

Tiny colored bells to decorate

Hook size 1.40 mm

Fiberfill for stuffing (preferably bead fiber)

Hobby tweezers

Size of the pine tree might vary if you use a different weight yarn or hook size


st – stitch

sl st— slip stitch

ch — chain

sc — single crochet

inc — increase

dec – decrease

[…] – total number of stitches in the round or row

First of all we will crochet the pieces and keep them ready. Therefore please follow the order. Preferably the pieces are joined with crochet.


Pine Tree

In this part, we will both crochet our tree and place our bells where we want. (We had already threaded the bells on our green yarn.)

Below let’s move in the opposite direction of the crocheting in the marked rows. lf it will be difficult, you can crochet in the straight direction. And lets place the bells only in these marked rows.

‘Work with GREEN color yarn;

1. Chain 5, 3 sl st and make 6 sc inside the last loop.

2. 1 sc, 1 inc. = [9]

3. 2 sc, 1 inc. = [12]

4. 12 sc

5. 2 sc, 1 inc. = [16]

6. 1 sc, 1 inc. = [18]

7. 18 sc

8. 8 sc, 1 inc. = [20]

9. 4 sc, 1 inc. = [24]

10. 24 sc

11. 5 sc, 1 inc. = [28]

12. 13 sc, 1 inc. = [30]

13. 30 sc

14. 14 sc, 1 inc. = [32]

15. 7 sc, 1 inc. = [36]

a tiny pine free crochet
A tiny Pine tree free crochet from Ngoclanhandmade

16. 36 sc

17. 8 sc, 1 inc. = [40]

18. 19 sc, 1 inc. = [42]

19. 42 sc

As seen on the image 1-2-3-4-5

20. Lets continue with green yarn. Let’s join the trunk of the tree with the upper side with 42 sc in the opposite direction. At this stage, lef’s fill our tree with a small amount of fiber using hobby tweezers

As seen in the image below – 1-2-3-4
free a tiny pine tree crochet

X801 loops = A Tiny Pine Tree


a tiny pine tree crochet pattern

free a tiny pine tree pattern
Free a tiny Pine tree pattern from Ngoclanhandmade

a tiny pine tree crochet pattern free

free crochet pattern a tiny pine tree

Congratulations, You ended the free a tiny Pine tree crochet pattern successfully.

lf you have a problem with the pattern , please don’t hesitate to contact me by

Good luck with this free a tiny Pine tree crochet pattern.

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  1. Hi I love the wee mini Christmas tree but where are the instructions for the trunk part 1 please….I can’t see them. It say Christmas tree on the heading for the Holly berries and leaves though!!
    Thanks as I’d love to try doing the small trees x

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