Free little Santa claus crochet pattern

free little santa claus crochet pattern

Hello my friends, let’s make free little Santa claus crochet pattern together today, let’s go.


1.Yarn (beige, black, red, white textured). I have beige – Alize Bella (180
m/50 g), black – Vita Brilliant (380 m /100 g), red – Alize Angora Real 40
(480 m/100 ø), white textured – Alize Softy (115 m/50 g). Any yarn can be

2.Crochet hook, | have Clover size 1,5 mm.

3.Plastic eyes size 3 mm, glue.

4.Yellow thread for buckle.

5.Polyester fiberfill, needle, pins, scissors.

Size of the finished toy is 8-9 cm.


MR – magic (amigurumi) ring

ch- chain

sc – single crochet

BLO – work in back loops only

inc – increase

dec – decrease

Slst – slip stitch



Arms (make 2)                                                                           Legs (make 2)

Beige.                                                                                                   Black.

1 —6scin MR                                                                                      1—6scin MR

2-(1sc,inc)*3 (9)                                                                               2-6inc (12)

3-4-9 sc (2 rounds)                                                                          3-(1 sc,inc)*6 (18)

Change to red.                                                                                  4-18sc

5-BLO9sc                                                                                           5-2sc,4dec, 8sc (14)

6-10 -9 sc (5S rounds)                                                                     6 – 2 sc, 2 dec, 8 sc (12) work 8
more sc (to the middle of the back)
and change to red

Do not stuff, fold the arm in                                                          7- BLO 12sc
half and work 4 sc. Cut off                                                             8-11 – 12 sc(4rounds) – stuff.
the thread, the arms will be                                                           Cut the thread on the first leg, make
crocheted into the body.                                                                 the second leg similarly, do not cut
Attach a white textured yarn                                                         the thread on the second leg.
to 4th round and work 9 sc                                                            Attach the black thread to 6th
around the arm. Cut off the                                                           round of the leg and work 12 slst

thread, weave in the ends.                                                             around. Secure the thread, weave in
the ends.

Continue crocheting the body.



Make 3 ch from the second leg and join the chain to the first leg,
then work:

12 – 12 sc on the first leg, inc, 1 sc, inc (ncreases in front), 12 sc on
the second leg, 3 sc (32)

12- BLO 32sc

14-15 – 32 sc (2 rounds)

Change to black.

16-17 – 32 sc (2 rounds)

Change to red.


19 – 2 decreases on the sides (30)

20 – (3 sc, dec)*6 (24)


22 -(2 sc, dec)*6 (18)

23 – crochet the arms in this round symmetrically on the sides, 18 sc
24-(1 sc, dec)*6 (12) – stuff.

Change to beige.


Next crochet the head, do not cut off the thread.



Head                                                                                              Beard

26- 12inc (24)                                                                                    White textured yarn. Leave a

27 – (3 sc, inc)*6 (30)                                                                       long thread end ¡in the

28-33 – 30 sc (6 rounds)                                                                  beginning to use it for sewing

34- (3 sc, dec)*6 (24)                                                                       the beard. Work in turning

35 – (2s, dec)*6 (18)                                                                          rows = make 1 ch and turn in

36 – (1 sc, dec)*6 (12) – stuff                                                            the end of row.
the neck and head.                                                                            1 – 7 ch, starting from the

37-6 dec                                                                                               second stitch from the hook 6

Cut the thread, tighten the                                                              SC
opening with a needle, secure                                                        2 – dec, 2 sc, dec (4)
the thread and weave in the                                                           3-4sc
ends.                                                                                                    4-2 dec

Attach the white textured yarn                                                      5-1 dec
to 12th round of the body and                                                        Cut off and secure the thread,
Wwork 32 sc around, make a slst                                                  weave in the end.
in the end. Secure the threads,
weave in the ends.




Make 27 ch with the red yarn                                                     19-9sc

and join the chain in a circle                                                      20 – (1 sc, dec)*3 (6)

with a slst. Work in rounds.                                                       21 – 6 sc

1-2 – 27 sc (2 rounds)                                                                   Cut off the thread, pull the stitches
3-(7sc, dec)*3 (24)                                                                       with a needle, weave in the ends.
4-5 – 24sc (2 rounds)                                                                   Make a pompon with the white
6-(6sc, dec)*3 (21)                                                                       textured yarn: make 6 sc in MR, slst
7-8 – 21 sc (2 rounds)                                                                  into the first stitch. Leave a thread for

9 -(5sc, dec)*3 (18)                                                                      sewing and then sew on the pompon
10-11 – 18 sc (2 rounds)                                                              to the tip of the hat. Next, attach the
12 -(4sc, dec)*3 (15)                                                                    white textured yarn to the edge of,
13-14 – 15 sc (2 rounds)                                                              the hat and work 27 sc around, make
15 – (3sc, dec)*3 (12)                                                                   a slst in the end, secure the thread,
16-17 – 12 sc (2 rounds)                                                              weave in the ends.
18 – (2 sc, dec)*3 (9)                                                                   The hat is ready.


1. Glue on the eyes between 5th and 6th rounds of the head
(counting from the beginning of crocheting the head), there are 6 sc
between the eyes. Embroider a nose with the beige yarn between 4th

and 5th rounds, 2 sc wide.

2. Sew on the beard under the nose.

3. Put the hat on and sew it to the head.

4. Embroider a buckle on the black belt with a fine yellow thread,
width is 2 sc, height is 1 sc (see pic.)..

little santa claus crochet pattern
Little Santa claus crochet pattern free by Ngoclanhandmade
free little santa claus crochet
free little Santa claus crochet by Ngoclanhandmade
free little santa claus pattern
Free little Santa claus pattern by Ngoclanhandmade
free crochet little santa claus
Free crochet pattern little Santa claus by Ngoclanhandmade

That’s it, we’re done, good luck with Free little Santa claus crochet pattern. good bye and see you again.

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