Frog keychain crochet pattern

frog keychain crochet pattern

Free Frog keychain crochet pattern

Today we will make a frog keychain together with this Frog keychain crochet pattern.


1. Yarn in green, white, red colours (You can choose the desired colour and brand of yarn; in this case, the product size may change. I used Alize Cotton Gold)

2. 2.20 mm crochet hook

3. Scissors

4. Ethamine; for sewing

5. Bead fibre; for stuffing

6. Stitch determinant

7. Wool felt and needle

8. 6 mm locking eye.


mr = magic ring

sc = frequent needle

inc = increase

dec = subtraction

dc = double crochet

vdc = two double rabbins in the same loop

hdc = half double crochet

vhdc = making two single needles in the same loop

sl st = slip stitch

blo = knitting from the back lobe of the loop

(…)* = repetition of the operation in parentheses as many times as the number next to it

ch = chain


With green colour rope;

R1. Mr = 6sc

R2. 6inc = 12sc (Double tight needle in each loop)

R3. (1sc, 1inc)*6 = 18sc

R4. (2sc, 1inc)*6 = 24sc

R5-R7. 24sc (total three rows)

R8. (3sc, 1inc)*6 = 30sc

R9-R11. 30sc (total three rows)

R12. 6sc, 3inc, 12s from Blo, 3inc, 6sc = 36sc

R13. 36sc

R14. 12sc, from Blo12sc, 12sc = 36sc

R15. 6sc, 3dec, 12sc, 3dec, 6sc = 30sc

R16. (3sc, 1dec)*6 = 24sc

R17. (2sc, 1dec)*6 = 18sc

R18. (1sc, 1dec)*6 = 12sc

Gather the loops and close them.


Taking a loop from the blo;

R1. 3sc, 2hdc, 2hdc inc, 2hdc, 2hdc,3sc turn

R2. 3sc, 2hdc, 2hdc inc, 2hdc, 3sc turn

Let’s cc the corner of the mouth one full round.


With white colour yarn;

R1. Mr = 6sc

R2. 6inc = 12sc (Double tight needle in each loop)

R3. Green colour yarn 12 sl st

R4. 12 sl st

R5. Blofrom 12sc

R6. (1sc, 1dec)*4 = 8sc

Gather the loops and close them


9hdc on 10 ch.


Two will be knitted.

With green colour yarn;

R1. Mr = 6sc

R2. 6inc = 12sc (Double tight needle in each loop)

R3- R6. 12sc with white thread (total 4 rows)


R7-R11. We connect both legs 24sc (we knit a total of 5 rows)

R12. 5sc, 1 dec, 10sc, 1dec, 5sc=22sc (We will make one decrease on each side)

R13. (2sc, 1dec)*5, 2sc =17sc (start fibre filling)

R14. (1sc,1dec)*5, 2sc =12sc

R15. 12sc

Let’s leave a long yarn for sewing.


With green colour yarn

R1. Mr = 6sc

R2. 6sc

R3-R6. 6sc with white colour yarn

– It will be worked as two.

– Will Be folded in half and joined with knitting.

So we’re done, don’t forget to follow the website regularly to receive free crochet patterns every day. Wishing you success and creating beautiful products.

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