Gray Cat crochet pattern

gray Cat crochet pattern

Free gray Cat crochet pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you the gray Cat crochet pattern. I hope everyone will enjoy this crochet pattern.


MR – magic ring

Rnd (R) – round

ch – chain

st/sts – stitch/stitches

sc – single crochet

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec – decrease (2 sc together)

(..) – repeat the instructions in brackets the given numbers of times



Starting with the tattoo color palette, the red text changes to white wool.

R1: MR6

R2: 6inc

R3: (sc, inc)*6

R4: (sc, inc, sc)*6

R5: 3sc, inc)*6

R6: (2sc, inc, 2sc)*6

R7: (5sc, inc)*6

R8-R9: 42sc

R10: (3sc, inc, 3sc)*6

R11: 23sc, 2sc, 23sc

R12: 22sc, 4sc, 22sc

R13: 20sc, 8sc, 20sc

R14: 18sc, 12sc, 18sc

R15-R16: 16sc, 16sc, 16sc

R17: (2sc, dec)*2, dec, 2sc, (2sc, dec)*3, dec, 2sc, (2sc, dec)*2

R18: (sc, dec)*4, dec, sc, (sc, dec)*3, (sc, dec)*4



Start with white:

R1: MR6

R2: 6inc

R3: 12sc

R4: Change to gray wool: 12sc

Cut the wool, hook the 2nd leg the same as the 1st leg, do not cut the wool, connect it 3 inches up to the 1st leg.

R5: 12sc (pin 1), 3sc, 12sc (pin 2), 3sc

R6: (2sc, inc, 2sc)*6

R7: (5sc, inc)*6

RS-R9: 42sc

R10: (5sc, dec)*6


R12: Change to red wool: BLO 36sc

R13: (2sc, dec, 2sc)*6

R14: Change to white wool: 30sc

R15: Change to red wool: 30sc

R16: Change to white wool: (3sc, dec)*6

R17: 24sc


Hands (2 pieces)

R1: White, MR7

R2-R3: 7sc

R4: Red, 7sc

R5: White, 7sc

R6: Red, 7sc

R7: White, 7sc

R8: Red, 7sc

R9: White color, 7sc


Ears (2 pieces)

R1: MR6

R2: (sc, inc)*3

R3: (sc, inc, sc)*3



Light blue. 90ch

Wishing you good luck with gray Cat crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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