Green Frog crochet pattern

green frog crochet pattern

Free green Frog crochet pattern

A cute Frog is always chosen by many people, if you are about to crochet a frog, this green frog crochet pattern is also worth your consideration, check it out and make it with me.

Body (green)

R1 6sc in MR (6)

R2 inc x6 (12)

R3 (inc, sc) x6 (18)

R4 (inc, 2sc) x6 (24)

R5 (inc, 3sc) x6 (30)

R6-11 sc around (30)

R12 (dec, 3sc) x6 (24)

R13 (dec, 2sc} x6 (18)

R14 (dec, se) x6 (12)

R15 dec x6 (6)


Belly (yellow)

R1 6sc in MR (6)

R2 inc x6 (12)

R3 (inc, sc) x6 (18)

R4 sl st x 18 (18)


Hands (make 4)

Ch2, hdc in 2nd st from hook


Eyes (2)

R1 6sc in MR (6)

R2 sl st x6 (6)


Stuff the body tight

Sew belly onto the main body

Glue eyes onto the crocheted eye parts

(Or you can use black felt instead)

Sew dll of froggy’s parts together as the example

Embroider q cute tiny mouth above the belly.

That’s it done, fast isn’t it, have fun with this green Frog crochet pattern, follow me for more Frog, Rabbit, Bear, Amigurumi crochet patterns.

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