High school girl crochet pattern

High school girl crochet pattern

Free high School girl crochet pattern

Hello friends. Today I will share with you the high School girl crochet pattern. I hope everyone will enjoy this crochet pattern. This crochet pattern I collected from @AnnaLicc.


MR – magic ring

ch – chain

st/sts – stitch/stitches

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

inc – increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec – decrease (2 sc together)

hdc – half double crochet

k – skip

w – 3sc in the same stitch

sl st – slip stitch

blo – back loop only

flo – front loop only

(..) – repeat the instructions in brackets the given numbers of times

[..] – total numbers of stitches

Size: 28cm



1. MR 6sc

2. 5sc, inc

3. 3sc, w, 3sc

4. 9sc

5. 3sc, 2dec, 2sc

6-20. 7sc




1. 7ch, 5sc, w, 4sc, inc

2. inc, 3sc, 3hdcinc, inc, 3sc, inc, sc make 2 pieces including rows 1, 2

Cut the first piece of yarn, piece 2 combined with piece 1, hook 21st. Cut wool. Change color to blue

3. BLO 21sc

4. 5sc, 2dc, 3dcdec, 2dc, 6x

5. 4sc, 2dec, sc, 2dec, 5sc

6. 4sc, dec, sc, dec, 5sc

7-8. 12sc


9. Blo 12sc

10. Take the blue wool and crochet it in a row of 9 flos: (4sc, dec)*2

11-12. Continue crocheting 10x white yarn

13. 10sc


14-35. 10sc



1. 2sc (2nd pin), 2ch connected to the first pin 10sc, 2sc(on ch), 8sc (2nd pin)

2. 2sc, 2sc, 20sc

3. 24sc

4. dec, 20sc, dec

5. dec, 18sc, dec

6. dec, 16sc, dec

7-15. 18sc

16. 7sc, sc(hand), 8sc, sc(hand), sc

17. (3sc, dec)*6

18. (2sc, dec)*6

19. (sc, dec)*6

20. 6dec

21-28. 6x



1. MR 6sc

2. 6inc

3. (sc, inc)*6

4. (2sc, inc)*6

5. (3sc, inc)*6

6. (4sc, inc)*6

7. (5sc, inc)*6

8-12. 42sc

13. 12sc, (sc, inc)*3, 5sc, (sc, inc)*3, 13sc

14-16. 48sc

17. (2sc, dec, 2sc)*8

18. (3sc, dec)*8

19. (dec, 2sc)*8

20. (sc, dec)*8

21. 8dec

22-24. 8sc



1. MR ch, sc, 2hdc, sc, st. Without connecting loops, draw the wool into a semicircle



1. MR 8sc

2. BLO 8inc

First layer of hair

1-9. 30ch, 3st, 5sc, 21hdc

10. 13ch, 2st, 3sc, 7hdc

11-15. 9ch, st, 2sc, 5hdc

16. 13ch, 2st, 3sc, 7hdc

Second layer of hair

1-4. 30ch, 3st, 5sc, 21hdc

5. 13ch, 2st, 3sc, 7hdc

6-7. 9ch, st, 2sc, 5hdc

8. 13ch, 2st, 3sc, 7hdc


Beret hat

1. MR 7sc

2. 7inc

3. (sc, inc)*7

4. (inc, 2sc)*7

5. (3sc, inc)*7

6. (4sc, inc)*7

7. (5sc, inc)*7

8. (6sc, inc)*7

9. (7sc, inc)*7

10. (8sc, inc)*7

11-14. 70sc

15. (8sc, dec)*7

16. (7sc, dec)*7

17. 56sc


At cats*2

1. MR, ch, 3sc. k circular connection

2. ch, 3inc

3. ch, (sc, inc)*3

4. ch, 4sc, (sc, 2ch, sc), 4sc


White shirt

25ch, loop connection

1-6. 25sc

7. 11sc, dec, 12sc

8. 24sc

9. 4sc, 6ch, k3, 9sc, 6ch, k3, 5sc

10. 3sc, (dec, sc)*2, dec, 7sc, (dec, sc)*2, dec, 4c



1. 11sc

2. 11sc

3. inc, 10sc

4-5. 12sc

6. 5sc, inc, 5sc, inc

7-8. 14sc

9. (6sc, inc)*2

10-11. 16sc

12. (7sc, inc)*2

13-14. 18sc

15. (8sc, inc)*2

16-17. 20sc

18. 10dec


19-20. 10sc



Back neck

1. 11ch, 10sc

2-4. ch, 10sc

Left and right neck

1. ch, 3sc

2-6. ch, 3sc

7. Left: ch, dec, sc/Right: ch, sc, dec

8. ch, 2sc

9. ch, dec

Crochet a row of stitches in the middle of the collar or crochet a piece of white twine and stick it in the center as shown


Red scarf

1. 5ch, st, sc, dc, (sc, st), 5ch, st, sc, dc, sc


Short skirt


1. 17ch, hooked to 4, 7hdc, 7sc animal feet

2. BLO ch, 7sc, 8hdc

3. BLO 2ch, 7hdc, 8sc

4-30. Repeat rows 2 and 3

Sew the 2 edges together



Front piece

1. 25ch, 25sc loop connection

2. (4sc, inc)*5

3. 30sc

Star wings

1. ch, 6sc

2. ch, k1, 4sc, st

3. ch, k1, 2sc, st

4. ch, k1, sc



Back piece

1. MR 6sc

2. 6inc

3. (sc, inc)*6

4. (2sc, inc)*6

5. (3sc, inc)*6


Star wings

1. ch, 6sc

2. ch, k1, 4sc, st

3. ch, k1, 2sc, st

4. ch, k1, sc put the 2 pieces together then sew and decorate.

Belt: 1. 21ch, looped, 21sc

Wishing you good luck with high School girl crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website ngoclanhandmade.com and Youtube channel @ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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