Little Sun free pattern

little sun crochet pattern

Free little Sun crochet pattern

In this article, I would like to share with you the little Sun crochet pattern. If there is any problem related to the crochet pattern. Please leave a comment to let me know. Wish you all success.


– 8ply yarn, yellow and pink, I used Lincraft Ficio Organic Cotton.

– 3mm & 2.5mm hook

– Safety eyes

– Embroidery thread

– Tapestry needle

– Stuffing


MR: magic ring

Sc: single crochet

Ch: chain

Sl: slip

Dc: double crochet

Tr: treble crochet

Hdc: half double crochet

BLO: back loop only

Dec: decrease

Inc: increase

Dctr: Dc and Tr in the same stitch

Trdc: Tr and Dc in the same stitch


Using pink yarn:

Round 1: 6sc in a MR (6st)

Fasten off, set aside.


Using yellow yarn:

Round 1: 6sc in MR. (6st)

Round 2: Inc in each stitch. (12st)

Round 3: (Sc. inc) x 6. (18st)

Round 4: (2sc, inc) x 6. (24st)

Round 5: (3sc, inc) x 6. (30st)

Round 6: (4sc, inc) x 6. (36st)

Round 7: (5sc, inc) x 6. (42st)

Round 8: (6sc, inc) x 6. (48st)

Round 9: (7sc, inc) x 6. (54st)

Round 10: 54sc through BLO. (54st)

Round 11: Repeat round 10. (54st)

Insert safety eyes through rounds 4&5. Make sure the start/end of the round is at the bottom when you insert the eyes. Add eyelashes.

Sew on the cheeks over rounds 6&7.

Round 12: (7sc, dec) x 6. (48st)

Round 13: (6sc, dec) x 6. (42st)

Round 14: (5sc, dec) x 6. (36st)

Round 15: (4sc. dec) x 6. (30st)

Round 16: (3sc, dec) x 6. (24st)

Round 17: (2sc, dec) x 6. (18st)

Round 18: (Sc, dec) x 6. (12st)

Round 19: Dec x 6. (6st)

Fasten off, close the hole by running the tail through the front loops of round 19 and sew in the end.

Rays at front:

With the front of the sun facing you, rejoin yarn to the first front loop of round 10.

Round 1: (sl, hdc, dctr, trdc, hdc, sl) x 9.

Rays at back:

With the back of the sun facing you continue into the first front loop of round 11.

Round 1: (trdc, hdc, 2sl, hdc, dctr) x9.

Round 2: Ch2, sl in the second ch from hook, 8sl in the front loops only. Repeat around.

Fasten off and sew in ends.

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