Witch’s hand crochet pattern

witch's hand crochet pattern

Free witch's hand crochet pattern

This is a free recipe made with love for the Amigurumi Horror Story Project. The recipe was created and developed by Jonas doninit (@jonasdominit), and is being made available for free. Don’t forget to save the recipe to review whenever necessary! Have a good time!. #amihorrorstory and #vejabaiana.


1. Line in the desired skin color (for the hand)

2. Black sewing thread (for the seams)

3. Tapestry needle

4. White glue to cover the hand

5. Scissors


1. sc – single crochet

2. inc – increase

3. dec – decrease

4. MR – magic ring



1. 3sc,  MR

2. 2sc, inc (4)

3-8. 6 rows of 4sc

9. (incomplete round) make 2 stitches and cut the thread.


1. 3sc, MR

2. 2sc, inc (4)

3-6. 4 Rows of 4sc

7. (Incomplete round) make 2 stitches and cut the thread.


1. 3sc, MR

2. 2sc, inc (4)

3-8. 6 Careers of 4sc


1. 3sc, MR

2. 2sc, inc (4)

3-5. 3 Rows of 4sc

6. (Incomplete round) make 2 stitches and cut the thread.


1. 3sc, MR

2. 2sc, inc (4)

3-8.6 Rows of 4sc

9. With the Index finger still on the needle, take the Middle finger and do 2sc, take the Ring finger and do 4sc, take the Middle finger again and do 2sc, and take the Index finger again and do 4sc, thus leaving 12sc

10. 4sc, then take your little finger and do 4sc, 8sc ending with 16sc

11. 16sc

12. 15sc, take then do 4sc on the Thumb and finish the row by doing 1sc on the rest of the hand. Ending with 20sc

Note: If using a skeleton made from wires, this is the time to make it and put it in your hands!

Here is a video showing how I make skeletons for hands


13-14. 2 Rows of 20sc

15. 10dec (10)

16. inc, 9sc (11)

17. sc, inc, 9sc (12)

18. 2sc, inc, 9sc (13)

19. 3sc, inc, 9sc (14)

20. 4sc, inc, 9sc (15)

21. 5sc, inc, 9sc (16)

Hand Closure

1. 4sc, MR (4)

2. 4inc (8)

3. 8inc (16)

Sew this part to the wrist with black thread, then use black thread to sew seams to simulate the seams on the little hand.

Hand Details

Use these images as a reference for sewing. And your Witch’s hand is ready!

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