Acorns free crochet pattern

Acorns free crochet pattern

Free Acorns crochet pattern

Today we have Acorns free crochet pattern to decorate our Christmas tree more color, you will love it for sure, let’s make it with me now.


Cotton Yarn in fwo colors:

– lighter and darker brown

– optional silver/gold

Crochet hook (2,O – 2,5mm)




mr    =   magic Ring

CH   =   chain

SL    =   Slip Stitch

sc     =   Single Crochet

inc   =   Increase

dec  =  Decrease

Start the body in the lighter color

1.     6sc in a mr   (6)

2.    3x (inc, sc)   (9)

3.    3x (inc, 2sc) (12)

4. -7.12sc           (12)
-stuff the body-

8.    6x dec

Close up

Crocielt the head in the darker color/gold.
Start with a very long tail.  (Check my
protile for a reel)

1.     7sc in a mr  (7)

Pull out a long loop and leave it for now,
Start crocheting with the long tạil from the
beginning. Punch through the middle of the
mr and pull out a lop.

1A. Chain 5, turn and crochet 4SL back
along the chain.

Pull the tall through the last chain and back
an the insight through the middle of the mr,
2.       7x inc   (14)
3.  -5. 14sc (14)

Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing.
Now sew the head onto the body.

lf you like also make a loop for hanging.

Wish you success with this Acorns free crochet pattern, need support, please leave a comment below the article, thank you for watching.

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