Elliott snowman crochet pattern

elliott snowman crochet pattern

Free Elliott snowman crochet pattern

Today let’s make another snowman together. I also collected a few snowman crochet patterns, I have shared in previous articles, you can go to the snowman section to choose more. I collected this Elliott snowman crochet pattern from @pinkpepper_crochet. Let’s start together.


1. 4 ply yarn in ochre, brown and cream

2. 2.5 mm crochet hook

3. Yarn needle

4. Pins

5. Fiberfil

6. Scissors

7. Stitch markers

8. 6 m.m. safety eyes

9. Small bell


R = round

mr = magic ring

ch = chain

st = stitch

sc = single crochet

inc = increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dec = decrease (2 sc together)

sl st = slip stich

hdc = half double crochet

blo = back loop only

flo: front loop only


With cream yarn,

1. Magic ring, 6sc [6]

2. *inc*6 times [12]

3. *sc, inc*6 times [18]

4. *2sc, inc*6 times [24]

5. *3sc, inc*6 times [30]

6. *4sc, inc*6 times [36]

7. *5sc, inc*6 times [42]

8-16. sc all around [42] (nine rounds)

Place the eyes, 8 stitches apart, between rows 12 and 13.

17. *3sc, 2dec*6 times [30]

18. *1sc, 2dec*6 times [18]

19. sc all around [18] Stuff head.

Continue crocheting the body.


20. *2sc, inc*6 times [24]

Change colour to ochre.

21. BLO *3sc, inc*6 times [30]

22. *4sc, inc*6 times [36]

23. *5sc, inc*6 times [42]

24-27. sc all around [42] (four rounds)

Change colour to brown. Don’t cut the ochre yarn.

28-29. sc all around [42] (two rounds)

Change colour to back to ochre

30-33. sc all around [42] (four rounds)

34. BLO*5sc, dec*6 times [36]

35. *4sc, dec*6 times [30]

36. *3sc, dec*6 times [24]

37. *2sc, dec*6 times [18] Start stuffing.

38. *sc, dec*6 times [12]

39. *dec*6 times [6]

Fasten off and close the hole.


With cream yarn, on the BLO of round 20, *(sc, hdc) in one stitch, (hdc, dc) in the next stitch, (dc, hdc) in the next stitch, (hdc, sc) in the next stitch*6 times [48]

Fasten off leaving a long tail to sew.


Ears (make two)

With cream yarn

1. Magic circle, 6sc [6]

2-3. sc all around [6] (two rounds)

Fasten off leaving a tail for attaching.

Arms (make two)

With cream yarn,

1. Magic circle, 6sc [6]

2. sc all around [6]

Change colour to ochre

3-10. sc all around [6] (eight rounds)

Flatten and make 4sc through the front and back of the arm so that it is closed. Fasten off leaving a tail for attaching.


Legs (make two)

With cream yarn, leaving a long tail.

1. Magic circle, 4sc [4]

2-4. sc all around [4] (three rounds)

5. *sc, inc*twice [6]

6.-7. sc all around [6] (two rounds)

8.-9. sc, 4hdc, sc [6] (two rounds)

Change colour to ochre

10.-11. sc all around [6] (two rounds)

Fasten off leaving a tail for attaching.


With ochre yarn, leaving a long tail to attach to the head, Ch 48 [48]

sl st to make a ring.

1. 48sc [48]

2. *6sc, dec*6 times [42]

Alternate between ochre and cream yarn. Don’t cut the yarn. Pick it up every other round.

3-8. sc all around [42](six rounds)

9. *12sc, dec*3 times [39]

10. *11sc, dec*3 times [36]

11. *10sc, dec*3 times [33]

12. *9sc, dec*3 times [30]

13. *8sc, dec*3 times [27]

14. *7sc, dec*3 times [24]

15. *6sc, dec*3 times [21]

16. *5sc, dec*3 times [18]

17. *4sc, dec*3 times [15]

18. *3sc, dec*3 times [12]

19. *2sc, dec*3 times [9]

Continue alternating colours.

20-35. sc all around [9] (sixteen rounds)

36. *1sc, dec*3 times [6]

37-44. sc all around [6] (eight rounds)

Fasten off and leave some tails to attach the bell.


1. Attach the ears on the sides between rows 12 and 14.

2. Embroider the nose between the eyes.

3. Attach the base of the hat all around, two rows above the eyes. Stitch the tail of the hat down, behind the ear, so it remains in place. Tie the bell at the end.

4. Stitch the ends of the scallops of the collar down.

5. Attach the arms on the side.

6.Attach the legs, 8 stitches apart, on the last two rows of the body. Curl the ends of the shoes backward and stitch them down using the brown yarn tails. Then thread the same yarn through the legs and into the body and pull tight. Knot both yarn tails at the back of the body and hide them. This will help point the shoes upright.

7. Embroider 2 ‘x’- shaped buttons on the shirt.

8. Add blush to the cheeks.

Wishing you good luck with Elliott snowman crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website ngoclanhandmade.com regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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