Mama Claus crochet pattern

mama claus crochet pattern

Free mama Claus crochet pattern

Hello everyone, today I will share with you the mama Claus crochet pattern, I personally really like this product. This is a fairly long crochet pattern with many details, let’s do it together. Now let’s start.


– Yarn in color:





– Skin color

– Black yarn for details

– Compatible hook (I used a 2.5mm hook. 4/0)

– Tapestry neddle

– Fyber filling

– Wire if you wish to insert in arms

– Scissors

Size: My Mama Claus is 18cm (about 7 inches) tall, from feet to bun.

Difficulty: Mama Claus can be crocheted by begginers

Abbreviations for Mama Claus crochet pattern

MR – magic ring

sc – single crochet

slst – slip stitch

inc – increase

dec – decrease

bst – bubble stitch (5 dc finished together)

BPSC – back post single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

tc – treble crochet

dtr – double treble crochet

dc inc – 2dc in the same stitch

picot – chain 2, 1slst in the first of the two chains

2hdcT – 2hdc closed together



Skin color

1. 6sc on MR [6]

2. 6inc [12]

3-4. 12sc [12] (2 rows)

5. 5sc, 1bst, 6sc [12]

6. 12sc [12]

Change to white

7. 12sc [12]

Change to red

8. BLO: 12sc [12]

9-10. 12sc [12] (2 rows)

11. (3sc, 1inc)x3 [15]

12-15. 15sc [15] (4 rows)

16. (3sc, 1dec)x3 [12]

17-18. 12sc [12] (2 rows)

Fasten off with invisible finish. If you wish to insert wire in the arms, insert just a little bit of fyber filling.


Legs Brown

To make the legs, we will leave a long’ yarn in the beggining of the work. We will use a technique called cocave feet. If you don’t know how to do it, you can check Evy’s reels teaching it her instagram on @pettalas_amigurumis.

1. chain 5, 3sc, 3sc in the same stitch, 2sc, 1inc [10]

2. 1inc, 2sc, 3inc, 2sc, 2inc [16]

3. 1sc, 1inc, 2sc, (1sc, 1inc)x3, 2sc, (1sc, 1inc)x2 [22]

4. 22BPSC [22]

5-7. 22sc [22] (3 rows)

Change to skin color

8. 5sc, 2dec, Isc, 2dec, 8sc [18]

9. 5sc, 1dec, 1sc, 1dec, 8sc [16]

10. 4sc, 2dec, 8sc [14]

11-13. 14sc [14] (3 rows)

14. 1sc, (2sc, 1inc)x4, 1sc [18]

Change to white

15. BLO: 18 loose slst [18]

16. On the BLO of the slst: 18sc [18]

17. 1sc, (3sc, 1inc)x4, 1sc [22]

On the first leg, fasten off. On the second leg continue crocheting to the body. Before crocheting the body, make the white details on the arms and legs.

Arms: In the loops left on row 8, attach a new white yarn and (chainl, 1slst) to the end.

Legs: In the visible white loops on row 15, attach a new white yarn and (chain 1, 1slst) to the end.

Body From 2nd leg

18. 2sc on the 2nd leg, 22sc on the 1st leg, 20sc on the 2nd leg [44]

19. (10sc, 1inc)x4 [48]

20. 48sc [48]

21. (11sc, linc)x4 [52]

22. 52sc [52]

23. (11sc, 1dec)x4 [48]

Change to red

24. 48sc [48]

25. BLO: 48sc [48]

26. (10sc, 1dec)x4 [44]

27. 44sc [44]

28. (9sc, 1dec)x4 [40]

29-30. 40sc [40] (2 rows)

31. (8sc, 1dec)x4 [36]

Now we will join the arms to the body. Pay attention so the arms are in the sides of the body with the thumbs (bobble stitch) pointing forward. It may be necessary to make some. adjustments in the quantities of stitches so the arms are in the sides of the body. I made my this way:

32. 8sc on the body, 6sc joining a stitch of the arm to a stitch of the body, 12sc on the body, 6sc joining a stitch of the arm to a stitch of the body, 4sc on the body [36]

33. 8sc on the body, bsc on the rest of the stitches of the arm, 12sc on the body, 6sc on the rest of the stitches of the arm, 4sc on the body [36]

If you want to insert wire in the arms, now is a good time to do so.

34. (4sc, 1dec)x6 [30]

35. (3sc, 1dec)x6 [24]

36. (2sc, 1dec)x6 [18]

So we can make the dress collar, we will make a row in BLO to work on the front loops afterwards. With skin color yarn, we make:

37. BLO:(1sc, 1inc, 1sc)x6 [24]

38. (3sc, 1inc)x6 [30]

39. (2sc, 1inc, 2sc)x6 [36]

40. (5sc, 1inc)x6 [42]

41. (3sc, 1inc, 3sc)x6 [48]

42-51. 48sc [48] (10 rows)

52. (3sc, 1dec, 3sc)x6 [42] 9

53. (5sc, 1dec)x6 [36]

54. (2sc, 1dec, 2sc)x6 [30]

55. (3sc, 1dec)x6 [24]

56. (1sc, 1dec, 1sc)x6 [18]

57. (1sc, 1dec)x6 [12]

58. 6dec [6]

Finish with an inverted magic ring.



Attach white yarn on the loops left on row 38, in the middle of the back part of neck.

1. (1sc, 1inc)x9 [27]

2. 5slst, 2sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1tc, 2dtr on the same stitch, 1dc, 1hdc, 1slst*, 1hdc, 1dc, 2dtr on the same stitch, 1tc, 1dc, 1hdc, 2sc, 5slst [27]

*The slst must be in the center of the’ front of the neck. Finish off and hide the yarn. I glued the collar on place so it would stay in position.




1. 6sc on MR [6]

2. 6inc [12]

3. (1sc, 1inc)x6 [18]

4. (1sc, 1inc, 1sc)x6 [24]

5. (3sc, 1inc)x6 [30]

6. (2sc, 1inc, 2sc)x6 [36]

7. (5sc, 1inc)x6 [42]

8. (3sc, 1inc, 3sc)x6 [48]

9-14. 48sc [48] (6 rows)

15. 23dc, 1hdc, 1slst, 1hdc, 22dc, 1slst on the first stitch of the row [48]

Finish off. Leave a long yarn for sewing. If you prefer, you can cut the yarn and glue the hair on the head.




1. 6sc on MR [6]

2. 6inc [12]

3. (1sc, 1inc)x6 [18]

4. (1sc, 1inc, 1sc)x6 [24]

5. (3sc, 1inc)x6 [30]

6. 30sc [30] (4 rows)

7. (3sc, 1dec)x6 [24]

Finish off and leave a yarn to sew on the top of the head, on the hair. You can sew it in the position you prefer. Here are some options:


Skin color

Make two.

1. 5hdc and 1slst on MR [5]

Finish of and leave yarn for sewing between. Sew between rows 7 and 8 of the head. After sewing, I glued it with a little glue so the ears wouldn’t stick out.


Holly Berries


Make two

1. 6sc on MR [6]

2. 6inc [12]

3-4. 12sc [12] (2 rows)

5. 6dec [6]

Finosh off with inverted MR and leave yarn for sewing.


Holly leaf


To make de leaves, I used a smaller crochet hook: chain 9, 1sc, (2hdc, 1picot)x2, 2hdc, on the last chain: (1sc, 1picot, 1sc). On the other side of the chains: (2hdc, 1picot)x2, 2hdc, 1sc.

Finish off and hide the ends on the first leaf.

We make the second leaf the same way we made the frist leaf, then we chain 40, slst on the beggining of the first leaf, return by making slst on the 40 chains and finish with a slst on the second

leaf. You can leave a yarn for sewing or cut it and glue it to the head.

Detail assembly

With the green part I made a knot around the bun and glued with a little glue.

I glued the berries on the knot in green.


Skin color

I embroided the nose 2 stitches wide, between rows 6 and 7 of the head.




The dress will be made by attaching a new red yarn on the lops left on row 25 of the body, with the dolls head turned to you.

We will work in circular crochet, so in the beggining of each row we chain2 and in the end we slst in the first stitch of the row.

1. (11dc, 1dc inc)x4 [52]

2-5. 52dc [52] (4 rows)

Change to white

6. 52dc [52]

Finish off with invisible finish and hide the yarn.


Black embroidery yarn

With the same yarn I made the eyes, I made the mouth 3 stitches wide.


Black embroidery yarn

To start the eyes, exit with the black yarn up 2 stitches and 1 stitch away from de nose. Insert the needle 3 stitches to the side. Secure de middle of the yarn one row up, to make it look like closed

eyes. Then we will make the eyelashes by exiting one stitch up and to the side from the end of the eyes.




The eyebrows were embroided with as wide as the eyes, without considering the eyelashes. We will align the beggining of the eyebrown to the beggining of the eye, and the end of the eyebrow to the end of the eye, but make it diagonaly, going down one row.


You can glue or stitch a bead to the ear to look like earrings!



We will work in roes to make a flat piece, so we will turn the work in the end of each row.

1. chain15, 13hdc [13]

2. chain2, 2hdcT, 9hdc, 2hdcT [11]

3. chain2, 2hdcT, 7hdc, 2hdcT [9]

4. chain2, 2hdcT, 5hdc, 2hdcT [7]

5. chain2, 2hdcT, 3hdc, 2hdcT [5]

6. chain2, 2hdcT, 1hdc, 2hdcT [3]

Fasten off. It will look like this: So we can finish the apron, we will attach the new yarn in the corner of the piece and make the apron frill. To make it we will work on the side of the apron. The side of the work don’t have clear stitches to work on, so you will have to see the image of the apron and decide were to insert the hook.

To make one frill, we make: Skip a space, make 5hdc in the same place, skip a space, slst.

I made 2 frills on each side and one on the bottom of the apron. Don’t cut the yarn.

After finishing the frills, we will make the straps to tie the apron on Mama’s waist. To do so, we chain31, make 30slst on the chains, 13sc on the initial chains, chain 31, make 30slst on the chains.

Finish off, hide the ends. Tie it to the back of Mama Santa. If you wish, you can glue it so it doesn’t move.

Wishing you good luck with mama Claus crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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