Football player Ronaldinho crochet pattern

Football player Ronaldinho crochet pattern

Free football player Ronaldinho crochet pattern

Besides my hobby of knitting, I sometimes watch football with my family. I am very impressed with Ronaldinho, he has extraordinary legs. I’m so happy to have found this crochet pattern. Hopefully we will carry out this football player Ronaldinho crochet pattern to the final step together. I collected this crochet pattern from @corelinhas. Now let’s get started.


ch = chain

st = stitch

sc = single crochet

inc = increase (2 sc in one stitch)

dc = double crochet

dec = decrease (2 sc together)

sl st = slip stich

hdc = half double crochet

blo = back loop only

flo = front loop only



Start working with the color blue to make the boot:

1. Make 6 chains and in flat crochet do – 4sc + 1triple inc (at the end of the chain) +3sc + 1inc (12)

2. 12sc

3. 12blo

4. 4sc+2dec + 4sc (10)

Change to white to make the socks:

5. 10sc

6-9. 10sc

Change to skin color

10-12. 10sc

Change it to the color blue, to make the shorts

13. 10sc

Fasten off the first leg and cut the thread

On the second leg, do not cut the thread

Put padding on both legs

14. Go up 2 chains and join with the first leg with 1 sc (this will be the new beginning of the row). Make + 9 sc in the first leg + 2 sc in the chain + 10 sc in the second leg + 2 sc in the chain.

15 to 17. 24sc

18. 5sc+1dec + 10sc + 1dec + 5sc (22)

19 and 20. 22sc

Change to skin color

21. 4sc+ 1dec + 9sc+ 1dec + 5sc (20)

22 and 23. 20sc

Put padding in the body

24. (3sc+dec) x 4 (16)

25. 16sc

26. (2sc+dec) x4 (12)

27. On the same lap, to make your neck stiffer, do:

12 sc in flo

12 sc in blo

Add filling. From now on we will make the doll’s head.

28. (1sc+inc) x6 (18)

29. (2sc+inc) x 6 (24)

30. (3sc+inc) x 6 (30)

31. (4sc+ inc) x 6 (36)

32. (5dc+inc) x 6 (42)

33 to 39. 42sc

Place the eyes between rows 35 and 36, approximately 8 sc apart.

Embroider the eyelashes, eyebrow and nose

Add padding

40. (5sc+dec) x 6 (36)

41. (4sc + dec) x 6 (30)

42. (3sc+dec) x 6 (24)

43. (2sc+dec) x 6 (18)

44. (1sc+ dec) x 6 (12)

Finish filling

45. 6dec.

Finish and close with an inverted magic ring.


Work with skin color:

1. Magic ring with 6 sc

2-9. 6sc

Finish and close with 1 inverted magic ring. Hide the wire.


Start with the color yellow:

1. Magic ring with 8 sc

2-4. 8sc

Change to green color:

5. 8sc.

Fasten off and cut the thread. Fit the arm inside the shirt sleeve. Sew joining the two. Then we will sew the sleeves to the shirt.


We will work in flat crochet. At the end of each row, go up 1 chain and work again.

1. With the green color make 22 chains, change to the yellow color and go back making 21 sc.

2. 4sc+1inc + 11sc + 1inc + 4sc (23)

3. 23sc

4. 4sc + 1inc + 13sc + 1inc + 4sc (25)

5. 25sc

6. 5sc + 1inc + 13sc + 1inc + 5sc (27)

7. 27sc

8. 4sc + 1inc + 17sc + 1inc + 4sc (29)

9. 29sc.

Fasten off and leave the thread long. Place the blouse on the doll’s body and join by sewing one side to the other on the doll’s body. Then sew the sleeve and arms to the shirt.


Use the skin color and make a magic ring with 6 sc. Fasten off and sew to the head about 2 sc away from the eyes.


Use the color black and do:

1. Make a magic ring with 6 sc

2. 6inc (12)

3. In block – (1sc+inc) x 6 (18)

4. (2sc+ inc) x 6 (24)

5. (3sc+inc) x 6 (30)

6. (4sc+ inc) x 6 (36)

7. (5sc + inc) x 6 (42)

8-14. 42sc

15. 42 sl st

Fasten off and cut the thread.

To make the ponytail, go back to the straps left over from row 3 made in blo. Take the black thread and place it in the first stitch of the row:

Go up 22 chains, go back making 21 sc and finish with 1 sc in the neighboring stitch. Repeat doing this on the 12 straps on the row. Fasten off and hide the thread.

Sew or glue the hair to the top of the doll’s head.

If you have any questions regarding this crochet pattern, please leave a comment to let me know. Wishing you good luck with football player Ronaldinho crochet pattern. Don’t forget to follow our website and Youtube channel ngoclanhandmade regularly to receive free crochet patterns.

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